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Humanities and World Cultures

Academic research is a critical aspect of the Humanities and World Cultures (HWC) mission. HWC faculty and affiliated graduate students conduct research through an interrelated network of disciplines and methodologies for explaining what makes cultures distinct and unique. Historians describe how evolving processes and contingent events produce specific social and cultural outcomes. Scholars of literature and art reveal how the form and content of given creative works illuminates the social world in which they are produced and consumed. Anthropologists expose the structures and dynamics that define particular cultural formations. Whatever approach they use, HWC researchers all study cultural distinctiveness, learn how different disciplines have approached similar questions, and understand insights that can only be gained through the study of cultural difference.

HWC research is organized through the Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group, the Center for Humanities Research, and through undergraduate education in Anthropology, English, Global Arts Studies, History, and Spanish.


Last Updated: June 2016